The research carried out by Cedeplar's researchers and professors associated with the Postgraduate Programme in Economics sets itself apart due to its remarkable theoretical diversity coupled with a strong tradition in applied economics. Cedeplar has a longstanding policy to foster the publication in international journals.

A full list of papers, book chapters and books published in English by lectures end researchers associated with the Postgraduate Programme in Economics can be found here. 

In addition, a more complete register of publications can be seen in the CVs of Cedeplar's academic staff here.

Full time professores, associated researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students form research groups in a wide range of disciplines and themes.

Research Groups


Discussion Papers

Cedeplar's Discussion Paper's Series was created in 1974 and published in print until 1997. From this year onwards, all numbers have been made available online. The series hallmark is the diversity of research areas and themes, which are a reflection of the plurality of Cedeplar's postgraduate courses in Demography and in Economics. Currently, the series receive on average 850 page views and 300 downloads per month. 

The complete collection is index and available for download at EconPapers.

The series editor for Demography is Prof. Adriana de Miranda-Ribeiro.

The series editor for Demography is Prof. Aline Souza Magalhães.


Nova Economia Journal

Nova Economia is the open access journal published by the Department of Economics of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, to which Cedeplar is home of the Postgraduate programmes of Demography and Economics. Currently, Nova Economia has been given the highest score by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (Capes-MEC) in the field of economics for local publications.

Created in 1990, Nova Economia publishes papers and reviews on economic theory, applied economics and related areas. Following the Department's tradition, Nova Economia embraces a pluralistic approach and accepts submissions from a broad variety of schools of economic thought and research areas. 

Amongst 38 academic journals in the field of Economics in Brazil, Nova Economia occupies an unique position by keeping a broad thematic perspective while, at the same time, keeping high academic standards for the published papers. This policy has led to a broad academic recognition of the journal amongst academics in Brazil. Moreover, Nova Economia pioneered, in 2001, the policy of open access to all its published issues. 

Submissions are peer-reviewed (double-blind review) and scholarly standards are the sole criteria for editorial decisions. The journal is published three times per year. Although most papers are published in Portugueses, Nova Economia welcomes submissions in English and Spanish. All published papers are available for download online.

All published papers are listed in Brazilian online libraries such as GeoDadosIBBEPerie, as wells as international ones, including DOAJEconLitEconPapersIBSSIDEASJournal of Economic LiteratureSciELOScopusSSRNSociological Abstracts, and from 2008 onward, Elsevier's  Scopus. More recently, Nova Economia also joined Redalyc.

The journal's Editor is Professor Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak.

Electronic Publication

Nova Economia is an open access journal. All issues are available in full since issue 1, 1990, at the journal’s full website, and also in online databases such as: